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News and Updates

If you are wondering what our new graphic image is, we are happy to tell you! 

The theme of this year's Tulip Trot 5K is "Everybody is a Winning Body."

We encourage any person of any age and shape to participate in our day! We have eliminated gender-specific categories from our awards and registrations. 

We also encourage diversity in our community events. 

This 5K is not for the super-fit only, this 5K is for every person.

Race Day Timeline

8:30 am - Grounds open for arrivals and new registrations

Raffle ticket Sales and Bake Sale Opens.

9:00 am - Arrival window opens for pre-registered check-in. 

9:30 am - Sprout Sprint kicks off with 3 laps around the building

10:00 am - Beginning of the 5K event. 

All food vending opens as runners return to campus! 

No Time Like the Present

Our race-timing company is no longer in business! We are sad to see them go! 

This means we do not have race-timing for the 2023 Tulip Trot 5K. 

We know this is discouraging for avid runners aiming for their best times.

So we are using a no-chip method of tracking finishers.

As you cross the finish line, wait nearby for your place tag, keep your race bib on and visible to the volunteers.

This will help us target and track our prize winners.

We will be adding a race clock to our 5K this year!



A part of the Tulip Trot is raising money.

By not charging for registrations we are structuring the event towards fundraising with food, yum! 

All food is sold by donation and supports the PTO initiatives: 

winter sports, field trips, and enrichment opportunities for all students.

For sale by donation this year:

Hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill! Served up by our amazing team of building managers.

It's all hands on deck at Green Street School!

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